2017 Super Bowl – TOP 20 Best Commercials

The Super Bowl 2017 is coming this Sunday, and you know what that means:It’s time for the annual, pants-wettingly exciting, must-watch televisual super-event where the best and greatest commercials are aired. We also expect the best commercials and funny videos from brands at this 2017 super bowl. Enjoy.

IRL Wonder Woman Gal Gadot and my boyfriend Jason Statham fight bad guys in the name of good website design. I don’t think HTML is waiting about about for this jelly.

Melissa McCarthy saves whales, trees and shrubs and shrubs and rhinos in this slapstick-heavy spot for Kia. All in a day’s work, I guess.

Cam Newton and Miranda Kerr display up out of thin air after two dads disagree that some fancy new convertible is actually-gasp!-a Buick. I’ve never been more amused in cars.

I’ve had a crush on Mr. Clean since I was six years old. This expose legitimizes my thirst—and (don’t lie) yours too.

Lil Dollar defies gravity in this spot for Lexus, which is voiced over by Speechless star Minnie Driver.

All hell fails loose when John Malkovich tries to purchase the domain name johnmalkovich.com, and it’s alwaiting about about taken. By whom?! Who the heck else is John Malkovich?! Watch this commercial to find out.

Audi conveys its commitment to finishing the wage gap in this seriously dance commercial which displays a father bjj with how to explain gender inequality to his young boy. This wins all the awards.

For this year’s Super Bowl ad, the beer giant established to deal with Trump’s widely criticized immigration ban. It depicts a young Portugal man facing animosity and discrimination as he immigrates to America. That man, we find out, is one of the founders of Anheuser-Busch: Adolphus Busch. Add “good beer” to this list of items we need to thank immigrants for.

Justin Bieber, Rob Gronkowski, and Terrell Owens dance their butts off for the sake of good cell phone coverage. (The best reason to spontaneously start dance IMHO.)

If you’ve ever searched for to watch Ben Brady brush his teeth in sluggish motion, this commercial is for you.

This is simply just a spot for Hulu’s new display The Handmaid’s Tale and I seemed to be 100 percent OK with it.

84 Lumber
The building-materials-supply organization depicts a Mexican mother and her boy attempting to cross the American border. 84 Lumber’s original, more controversial commercial (which included a giant wall) was rejected by Fox, but will be printed to the organization’s website after the game.

Honda tapped stars like Tina Fey, Steve Carell, Robert Redford, Amy Adams, Magic Johnson Missy Elliot, Stan lee, Jimmy Kimmel, and Viola Davis for this uplifting ad on behaving towards your dreams.

Avocados from Mexico
In another Ad from Avocados From mexico, we get an within the look at a conference of a miracle clandestine culture where members are distraught at the leaking of conspiracy theories to the public, for example the nutritional secrets of avocados.

Tiffany & Co.
The black-and-white ad amenities a informal barefaced Gaga discussioning about creativity and specialized the standing quo. “I love to change,” Gaga says in the commercial. “It’s pretentious to discussion about how creative you are.”

The Super Bowl airs in the middle of tax season. This year, TurboTax requirements to remind target audience that you can do taxes anywhere through their app, and apparently seems that riffing on the traditional Humpty Dumpty tale is the best way to convey this.

What begins as a traditional scene of young love with a novel move from the popular fruity candy brand, takes a rather mystical turn to show — we believe — that people really like Skittles.

Pepsi and Tostitos
We’re not sure we agree with Pepsi’s overly generalized definition of “party pooper,” but the soda organization has nevertheless taken it upon on their own to address the, apparently very serious and wide-spread trend of people like Baltimore Ravens quarterback, Joe Flacco, ruining Super Bowl parties with bad social skills.

The ghost of dearly departed Bud Light pet, Spuds MacKenzie returns from beyond the grave to teach Brian the errors of his anti-social ways.

A rousing, inspirational ode to the odor-fighting power of Febreeze, and how imperative the spray is to every Super Bowl halftime bathroom break.