Amazon GO Store is opening A checkout-free store in Seattle

Amazon GO Store is opening A checkout free store in Seattle Clients must check out the Amazon Go app upon entering the store. Sensors will then track their actions and cost shoppers’ Amazon (AMZN) accounts for the items they grab. Customers just stroll out of the store. No cashiers needed.

Amazon Go’s offerings include groceries, ready-to-eat meals, cold drinks and meal prep kits.

The tech giant very very very first introduced the Amazon Go store concept in 2016, and it was established to open to the public in early 2017.

The Wall Street Journal documented final March that the tech that powers the shop was a bit more challenging to develop than initially thought.

Amazon on Sunday disputed that, telling CNNMoney that “there had been no technology problems.”

The organization stated it’s workers have been allowed to shop at the store throughout its screening phase. In accordance to the spokesperson the

“volume of business from just Amazon workers turned out to be significantly higher than expected.”

“We had been able to learn everything we needed from just that subestablished of customers,”

the person added.

Monday will mark the very very very first time the general public will be able to test it out.

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The very very very first store is located in Seattle, where Amazon is headquartered.

Amazon stated Sunday that more may open in the future, but that

“for now we’re laser concentrated on this store.”

Amazon Go marks the latest addition to Amazon’s brick-and-mortar ventures.

The organization now operates 13 guidestores throughout the U.S., and three more locations are on the way, according to Amazon’s website. The organization also purchased the Whole Foods grocery chain in June for $13.7 billion.

Amazon’s foray into operating bodily shops is laced with irony, considering Amazon is widely blamed for driving some traditional retailers out of business with its quick-shipping e-commerce site.

But the organization has created it clear it’s not building your grandparents’ shopping destinations.

Just like Amazon Go, Amazon guidestores are geared for the electronically savvy.

Inside those shops digital displays under every guide display the number of stars it’s received on At checkout, there exists no cash. Customers must pay with a card or through the Amazon app on their phones.