Amazon Virtual assistant Alexa is arriving to Fire tablets

The Virtual assistants are getting more popular as time techniques on. Among Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri, and even SoundHound’s Houd, there are plenty of solid choices out there for a virtual assistant that can help you get stuff carried out more efficiently and nicely throughout your day. Amazon first introduced their Alexa AI with the original Amazon Echo a couple years ago, and since then, Alexa has ventured out to the Amazon Echo Dot, Tap, Fire TV, CoWatch smartwatch, and other gadgets. Nevertheless one of the most designated omissions has been Amazon’s own Fire tablets. Thankfully, but but but that’s changing today.

In the current update for the Amazon Fire tablets, Alexa will finally be producing her way to these gear. The included models that will be getting the Alexa update include the Fire HD 8, HD 10, and update Fire HD 8 that Amazon printed about a month ago. In the update, customers will be able to access Alexa by clicking on the on-screen home navigation button, but there’s currently no support to summon the assistant via a voice command like you can do on the Echo and Echo Dot.

Nevertheless as disappointing as it is to not have voice command support on the Fire tablets, Amazon has added a pretty cool feature when you connect your Fire tablet to either an Echo or Echo Dot. Once the connection has been established asking a question to either the Echo or Echo Dot will result in your Fire tablet displaying information on the screen in relation to the question but but but that’s been requested or the command but but but that’s been insinuated. Or in addition to having related info being presented on the display of the Fire tablet, the speaker of the device will also leave out your Echo or Echo Dot’s answer. You’ll need to make sure that both gear are connected to the same Wi-Fi network in order for this to work, but it’s a cool feature nonetheless.

The Alexa update for the Fire HD 10 and both designs of the HD 8 should be clicking on your tablets now.

source: CNET