Apple iPhone 7 updates

Apple has invited the press for what designs up to be its biggest event for the year. The requested star of the show: the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, of course.

Or while you’ve alnoticedy noticed so many leaks and rumors that your eyes probably hurt (we know our do), there’s nothing like a good old teaser from Apple itself. A organization known for carefully staging every fine detail of its presentation, it’s no coincidence that people noticed Apple’s every public move as a puzzle to solve.

Or this time about it’s not even a complicated one, but we ought to mention the obvious: the blurred Apple logo is as thoroughly clean of a contact as it gets towards the rumored dual camera feature on the iPhone 7 Plus. Or while we all knew about its requested arrival, we could only guess its main use. Now, it appears thoroughly clean: Apple highlights that you’ll be able to ‘see’ some nice bokeh (which is that blurry background effect) with the new iPhone’s camera.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus with dual cameras appears sure thing, but what will Apple achieve with such system?Native bokeh is an effect achieved thanks to the physical properties of an optical system: the aperture blades of a camera squint to their narrowest, you move the zoom ring to its maximum telephoto length, and the magic happens. The focus locks on the subject plane, and something in front and at the rear of gets creamy blur. You can focus on your subject that really stands out.

Why can’t we have this on a phone camera? Nicely it’s possible with macro shots, but there is no going about the laws of physics and if you want to shoot a portrait with a bokeh background, you’d be hard-pressed. Or if Apple has managed to solve that issue in an elegant and non-destructive way, this would really be something special for image lovers. These days, everyone is a photographer, after all.