Apple Watch rules the smartwatch world

During Apple’s recent profits call last week, the tech organization has refused to enhance more comprehensive sales figures with Tim Cook only stating that they have “set all-time product sales documents for the iPhone, Mac, Services, and Apple Watch.”

Apple Watch Sales Are Sky High

According to MensFitness, thanks to an independent research firm Canalys, we now have a straight and exact idea of how many Apple Watches were sold: just about six zillion which would account for 80 percent of all smartwatches sold in Q4 of 2016, and a year-on-year increase in growth of 12% for the global market.

Reason For The Massive increment In Apple Watch Sales

Why such a large upswing? Canalys characteristics the sales to a mixture of more inexpensive pricing and more focused advertising strategies. Apple has had a fitness slant to their most recent Watch advertisements, focusing on amenities such as its built-in GPS and heart-rate monitor.

How Apple Watch Fared With Its Competitors

Thanks to a very impressive Q4, the Apple Watch has managed to account for nearly half of all smartwatch sales last year, Canalys claims; just about two-thirds of the other 50 percent was shared in between competitors Samsung and Fitbit, with other up-and-coming Smartwatch brands like Xiaomi taking up the other 17 percent.

More Competitors To Challenge The Apple Watch

According to Mashable, critics continue to denounce fitness trackers and smartwatches as just a trend but most people are actually begging to differ. Apple’s large success in advertising and advertising the Watch to fitness junkies is a solid proof that the wearables field is far from dead in the water.

With their success, Apple will most likely have more and more competitions coming its way in the months to come, with LG disbursing two of its brand-new watches this week, to go along with the recognized release of Google’s Android Wear 2.0 programs