Apple’s Free iTunes App for this Week – Green Riding Hood

This week the free Apple app is the fun book Green Riding Hood.It’s $3, but you can get it free from iTunes until Thursday,February 23 rd
What Is Green Riding Hood?

This app is a retelling of the traditional story Little Red Riding Hood. Spoiler: in this version, nobody else gets eaten. Charles Perrault does the narration with a delightful Scottish accent. The figures here are intensifying vegetarians who all work together in harmony. They even do yoga together…

Each page of the book reacts to touch and includes some video video games along the way. It’s not just a bedtime story, but it also engages the child.
Who Is It Good For?

This app is for the bedtime story target audience although you can listen to the book as well. The app really works on the iPhone, but you’ll have a much better experience on the iPad. The figures are the type you’d expect at your local natural grocery store, which may not fulfill your family’s beliefs. If your family eats meat, you might get some requests after. That’s assuming your kids know what yoga is already.

The included interactions and video video games are just enough to make the story come alive. They don’t distract from the telling, just make it more fascinating to the small ones