How Artificial Intelligence works in Smartphones and best AI Features

During the last year artificial intelligence or AI has been developed to be used on many of our smartphones. Big brands have taken the AI as a marketing strategy and technology capability to remark the new advanced features of their new flagship phones. But How is AI used on smartphones?

AI phones
AI on smartphones

AI for LG, Huawei P30 and Apple iphone XS chipsets performance

Huawei announced its new version of its Chip Kirin 980, which include a Neural Processing Unit and that is part of P30 series, also Apple boasted the AI neuronal engine of A12 Bionic processor on the iphone xs series, It uses real time machine learning algorithm to transform the way you take photos, play games and experience augmented reality apps and animojis. This neural network engine helps to  enhance the iPhone Face ID face-recognition unlock system and Animoji persona that transposes a user facial expressions onto cartoon animals.

AI also enhance the camera, taking information of the depth of field on a picture after it has been taken, making it blur or sharpening the background to take better portraits pictures.

This season, LG announced the launch of a new LG V50 5G and LG G8, that incorporate AI to its cameras as well as other optimizations that along with Google Assistant and the power of a NPU that will be able to connect to 5G networks in the future.

Huawei P30 Pro
Huawei P30 Pro

Samsung incorporates AI and Machine Learning for new S10 series

In the other side, Samsung is powering its new smartphones galaxy s10 and s10 plus with the all new snapdragon 855 chip, which incorporates machine learning in the processor to optimize the user experience predicting the user habits, it uses AI to destine resources acording to usage level from apps and manage the wi-fi connectivity recognizing the place the user is walking by. Artificial intelligence is also being used on the camera, recognizing scenarios to take better pictures adjusting image parameters automatically, like adjusting the light of image by moving the aperture sensor between f/2.4 to f/1.5, translating text in real time and using the Google translate lens technology to other languages.

Google uses AI for Pixel 3

The other big name in the mobile market comes from Google, The new Pixel 3. This phone AI is used in diferent ways like no other. The Playground feature on the camera lets you creates AR stickers and be suggested by AI models to express what you want to communicate. The

Google Duaplex allows you to do natural sounding conversation and make a reservation in the restaurant you want or scheduling an appointment to some service store. It’s even connected to your Google Calendar and write on the calendar once it’s booked, all powered by AI technology.

Google Pixel 3a
Google Pixel 3a

Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks on Phones

Functions linked to deep learning are mainly experienced from the mobile phone. Like using Google Photos, it will automatically recognizes and groups the images. But now in some cases mentioned earlier is intended to go beyond and include this technology into the teams to optimize processes.

Neural network tries to follow the funcionality of a brain. This AI refers to a systems that has neurons or nodes that connect to each other, passing information through links. This network can identify new patterns, learn from it, which is called “machine learning” and make decisions based on this information to automate a process or predict events.

Main Features and Advantages of AI on smartphones

Photo and video Cameras

A device with AI can identify the lighting conditions, the time of actual day and what you want to capture, with that information, adapt the camera settings to a professional mode to take the best possible picture

The camera, is the component of a phone that gets the most number of benefits from AI.
Many cameras are now capable of recognizing objects and items, and give information about what you are seeing or to suggest to the user when to take a photo. Phones intends to transform the buyer experience through mobile, you can scan the QR code of a product, and the smartphone will search and gives you options for online purchase and the availability of similar products or variations items.

Boost Performance and speed

AI has the capability to increase the performance of your smartphone, whether you have Android or an iOS phone, the performance to run apps in general can improve between 40 and 70%. This is because the processor can recognizes which functions are most used in the mobile and optimizes the speed in those cases. Artificial intelligence assitants can also be useful to manage functions you would do manually and can suggest actions based on statistics taken from your phone usage, shown in many phones like the oneplus 7 pro flagship.

OnePlus 7 Pro AI
OnePlus 7 Pro

AI for Efficiency

The artificial intelligence improves the phone performance by producing efficient use of battery energy. AI will add a lot of value to gather experience and know when it is time to turn on and off the nuclei to respond to the actions ordered by the user. Even new functions permit to increase power, boost GPU processors and setting resources to increase performance on gaming apps, like the razer phones, nubia or lenovo z6 pro, to take the gaming experience to another level.

Lenovo z6 Pro
Lenovo z6 Pro

Speech and voice recognition

AI Optimization of voice recognition is achieved. Smartphone not only handle to understand what the user says by commands but also can understand it is expressed in a natural way, perceives many language variations and can interpret the context of the situation.

The next phones coming up will enhance the interaction with the voice intelligent assistants. It seeks that users speak to their mobiles to turn on devices like TV, check for food stored in the refrigerator or turn on the washing machine, all of this connected to other devices like smart speakers, or even make real reservations on restaurants and more.

Device brands are looking to differentiate themselves using AI techniques and aplications. That is why they are thinking of details that works on the job, school or entertainment. This tech has been growing thanks to the increased processing capacity and data gathered of the terminal and the speed of response it offers.

Samsung Galaxy A80
Samsung Galaxy A80

Identifying images and scene recognition

Artificial intelligence has tha capacity to label images to group them in albums according to some patterns. With machine learning, it can identify scenarios, so the camera app can adapt the light or the aperture to take better photos. It also helps when it comes to tracking objects because they can be searched through keywords and store them in the cloud through Google Photos in many Android phones. And in computers that have processors with neuronal processing nodes that works embedded in the nucleus of the smartphone.

Face recognition

The processor cores made for machine learning allow to take more precision to face recognition tools and augmented reality applications. In many smartphones; Both cameras, the selfie and rear camera, have the capacity to identify faces and gestures to take a better shot. AI works perfectly here, because can scan faces, recognize patterns like the Honor V20 and use it for entertainment o biometrics security to unlock your phone.

Phone Security

With the use of machine learning, Instead of producing a traditional virus detection system, the AI can identify threats like malwares or viruses based on criteria that are not standard and that is linked to the behavior of the user, and notify aboutit.


Now the use of artificial intelligence in your device helps to improve the processing of a cellphone, learning from your preview behavior, according to the particular profile of every person, the processors respond according to the use of each user. Also it will be adapted to the habits of the  owner.

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