Black Friday 2019: ASUS gaming laptop with Black Friday deal at $270 off

The powerful ASUS gaming laptop model comes with a Core i5 processor and a GTX 1650 video card, this laptop has a cost of just $580. If you are searching for laptops deals, this is a good option.

ASUS 15.6-inch gaming laptop with SSD

ASUS gaming laptop price

The end-year holidays are almost here, and that means there will soon be new video games releases on the black friday 2019 season. You can get prepared for the new video game promised land by upgrading your gaming laptop, and right now you can get an ASUS 15.6 inches gaming laptop for $580 from BestBuy, down from the regular price of $850.

Any laptop purchase is going to be an exercise in compromises. You need to weigh the total price towards which components are the most important to go all in on. While you can easily invest a few great on a video gaming, the reality is that you can put together a solid performer gaming laptop for under a thousand dollars if you keep your expectations in check.

ASUS laptop processor and specs

This ASUS laptop has just an HD screen (the resolution is 1,920×1,080), which might give you pause. But it does have an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 graphics card, which is beefy enough for contemporary games, as well as an Intel Core i5-9300H processor. And we wouldn’t even suggest it if it didn’t have an SSD drive. A memory of 512 GB of SSD, in fact, which is two times the capacity of many other laptops in this price range.

Are you willing to take this $580 laptop for gaming (or work)? It just depends on what you need.

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