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Find the fitness app the suits you best in this list.

review best fitness app

In our list of the best fitness apps, we have some that you’ll love and apps that you need to check out. In order to better find apps of any kind that fit your needs, you can read this review from our site, and see which one is worth to you. That will help you to choose the best fitness app that suits you best.

Pinch (Free)

Pinch is a simple and easy app in which the user can manage personal health information and track calories. You could use this application to monitor the calories you drink or the amount of sleep you get, as well as the amount of steps you take each day, as well as your body mass index number and the number of activities you have completed per week. Plus, Pinch can be used to keep track of your vitamins, supplements and minerals which are needed to maintain your overall health.

review best fitness app

MyFitnessPal (Free)

Download a free account on MyFitnessPal to track your diet and workout plan and keep track of the calories you consume and the weight you maintain. This application also allows you to upload pictures and keep a log of your daily steps. MyFitnessPal is the easiest way to take control of your weight, so that you can start creating and achieving healthy eating habits. You can also import personal health and fitness data from across the web and get custom recommendations to improve your health.

FIT Pro (Free)

FIT PRO is the best mobile tool for fitness and sports which helps you create and maintain your sports nutrition plan. In addition, FIT PRO allows you to download calorie targets and workout programs, make meal plans and track your weight and body fat percentage. Plus, to get involved with your friends in a group or in a personal workout plan all you need to do is connect all the devices that you’ll be using, and it automatically syncs all your data. It is a fitness tracking app that allows you to record every exercise you do or record what eat throughout the day and track your weight at any time.

review best fitness app

FitStar (Free)

FitStar is another very popular fitness tracking app on iOS, designed exclusively for women. FitStar helps you track your workouts, sleep habits, and weight through their Health app along with Fit Diary, which shows you the nutrition goals you need to reach. Plus, you can track all your workout records, and the app will suggest you workout programs according to your current fitness level. Plus, it includes calorie and protein monitoring as well as a calorie calculator.

review best fitness app

FitBit (Free)

Once you get into the groove of using the Fitbit, you’ll find the app’s features to be incredibly useful. Fitbit allows you to create a workout and keep track of the steps you take, or even use the sensor to find out how much you can burn while running. Plus, this app works with your existing mobile contacts and syncs to your online accounts, so the data on your Fitbit is always at your fingertips.

review best fitness app

MisfitFlash (Free)

MisfitFlash is an incredibly simple and easy aapp to track your nutrition and fitness throughout the day. This app is useful because it can help you see how many calories you’ve consumed, how much sugar you have been consuming, and which foods you are consuming in addition to tracking your water weight. You can also create an online diary of the activities you may have undertaken. If you are trying to lose weight or maintain your weight, this is the ideal app for you.

review best fitness app

Lose It Daily (Free)

Lose It Daily is quite similar to FitStar, but with a few changes. Lose It Daily allows you to track your weight and weight loss and monitor everything from how much water you drank, to what you ate. The app also includes nutrition information to make sure you are eating enough calories every day and tracking your daily steps.

MyFitnessPal Pro (Free)

The Pro edition of MyFitnessPal is the absolute best way for your health to thrive. This application boasts some amazing features that you can’t get with the free version, including a calorie calculator and a sleep tracker. It even comes with a built-in calorie counter as well as built-in steps tracker. Plus, MyFitnessPal offers an incredible amount of data that it makes analyzing and maintaining your health easier.

MyFitnessCalc (Free)

This is one of the newest fitness tracking tools on the market, and this one is a great place to keep tabs on your calories – and thus how much you’re consuming. It allows you to track your food and drink intake as well as track your daily activities and measure your body fat percentage with the new Body Mass Index. Plus, you get tips to better regulate your diet and even help you learn how to train to improve your physical form.

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