What are the best sleep apps for apple watch series?

So if sleep time isn’t an issue for you, and you are looking to stay active before bed, there are various iOS and apple watch apps that can be used to make sure you are getting the rest you need to get out of bed. Here are some of my favorites apps for ios platform. Some are compatible for your apple watch 4 o 5 series that will come up later.

Sleep apps apple ios watch
Sleep apps apple ios watch


Sleep On Apple Watch

Apple Watch has had a sleep feature for quite some time now with the Nightstand App that shows you a visual representation of your sleep cycle each night.

With the sleep complication you can set a countdown to the time you must be in bed and can then tap to see the countdown for each of the last 10 days. You can also set the complication to beep when it’s time for bed, which would definitely be helpful given that it requires you to manually move your wrist to open the app and let the app know when you’re in bed. We do not recommend using Sleep on Apple Watch unless you already own a Nightstand App that will help you get more rest each night.

Sleep in Motion

Sleep in Motion is a great app that helps you get a great night’s sleep at night-time. To use it you must have iOS 10. Sleep in Motion requires at least one other app that uses a different way to sync your sleep, which could be a long-tail, like Bedtime Story, to sleep better each night.

You could also have any number of bedside sleep aids, like the free Philips Hue Lightstrip, to beep when it’s time to go to bed, which would also enable your sleeping partner to be alerted and get a good night’s sleep for you.

Sleep Cycle

This is one of my current favorite sleep monitoring and management apps. The app is designed to be used before bed on the watch and it will record your sleep duration, length and cycles. It will also have charts which will display sleep stages for you, which in turn helps you to keep tabs on your sleep quality.

Sleep cycle has many advanced sleep charts and features which can be customised for different sleepers. Sleep cycle also has several themes which will give you a more personalized sleep experience.

Sleep Cycle Pro

We’ve put this on our new list for you guys as, for me, it has been my sleep management app of choice for a while now. You could also use Sleep Cycle Pro to create a custom alarm which is able to wake you up in a set interval and set a timer for a set length of time. This may sound like it’s too much, but after using it for a long time you’ll just get addicted to it. This is something I wish more sleep apps had.

Sleep Cycle Smart Alarm

This is another app that you could use as an alarm. Sleep cycle smart alarm will wake you up when your sleep stage goes from light/deep to normal, when your body temperature begins to rise, when your heart rate starts to pick up or if you wake in the middle of the night.


Beddit offers a huge selection of bed sheets that you can choose from on a daily basis. It also allows you to save and share your sleep data along with a number of photos and videos of bedtime and other sleep stages.

It’s great for parents who want to share with your child what they slept and when.

Sleep Cycle 2

Sleep Cycle 2 is another app that I have put on my list for 2017. With Sleep Cycle 2 you can monitor your sleep cycles from 1 minute before your bed time until after you fall asleep. It also has an optional auto stop mode and will automatically stop tracking when it has been around 20 minutes since you last left the bed. All in all there’s a lot to like about this app.

My Sleep Diary

My Sleep Diary is also another great choice for those who are tracking their sleep. My Sleep Diary will offer you a beautiful, clean and easy to use sleep diary in which you can log your sleep and sleep patterns.

It has a lot of sleep graphs along with stats that will help you track your sleep quality and habits.


I’ve found this one to be the perfect companion app to my sleep diary as it can also record your sleep in a more detailed manner. I’ve used sleep stats a few times during the past year to learn different aspects of my sleep in order to optimize my sleep.

There is also a daily alarm feature and a graph page with your sleep cycle graphs.

Smart Alarm Clock

Apple Watch owners who own an iPhone can use Alarm.Apple.com to set alarms so that your Apple Watch can alert you to any time difference that may occur in the morning. It is however still important to get your watch to wake you up when you expect it – for instance, if you leave on a plane in the afternoon and it lands after 6PM, your watch will not wake you up until 5:30AM when you head back to work.

Apple Watch Sleep & Wake Time Widget

While a lot of people will use Alarm.Apple.com to quickly set alarm times, there are also many users who set alarm times on the Apple Watch. This widget can be set to beep or vibrate and will alert you as the time approaches (or to beep when it passes).

iPhone, iPad, or Mac: AutoSleep

If you use your iPhone on the night before work or the morning before a night out and you are looking specifically to ensure sleeping well during those times, AutoSleep is a great way to use your iPhone while you sleep when you’re home and your iPhone is in sleeping mode.

Sleep Genius iPhone App

Get an alert when you need to hit the hay, set a timer, and remind yourself to get out of bed when it’s time to sleep and have a great night’s sleep on your iPhone. The app features a full version of the App Store with lots of great apps like Sleep Cycle, and SleepBot which also has a great sleep timer.

Sleeping time is important for all adults, so make sure you read through our top 7 tips before sleeping to help you get the rest sleep you need.

  • Stay safe and don’t sleep in your car
  • If I had your attention for just one thing today, it was ensuring you stay safe around cars.
  • It is always tempting to sleep in your car but please read our posts on why and how to avoid road accidents which may seriously jeopardize your safety during your sleep.
  • Keep your health and lifestyle as a priority
  • It doesn’t matter how you sleep, the health impacts the entire day so please make sure you stay healthy while you sleep which will keep your daily health routine at the forefront of your mind.
  • Here are just a few examples of tips from our site to help you stay healthy while sleeping
  • Make sure you take regular breaks, and use the bathroom before going bed.

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