Black Shark 2 Pro now with Snapdragon 855

black shark 2 pro review
Black Shark 2 Pro Ice Version

The Black Shark 2 Pro has been launch today and as we expect the device it houses the Snapdragon 855 and also includes 12GB of RAM. This are the features of the new Black Shark 2 Pro.

1. New Features

A difference to its past version, this version includes an optimized cooling, this thanks to the Liquid Cooling 3.0 features like the liquid-cooled plate and tube for better heat dissipation.
It has a built-in memory of 128GB/256GB, this latest model offers availability in five colors (blue with orange accent, black witch green accent, ice silver, purple and bright orange).

black shark 2 pro review
Black Shark 2 Pro

2. Price and colors

You can purchase the version of 128GB for 436 dollars and the version of 256GB for 508 dollars. The company has made three more editions in gold, dark blue and light blue. You can see the engraving with red letters on the back of the phone.

The gold version it was made particularly for the CEO of a Chinese sports goods brand.

3. Difference with the old version

The rest of the features are the features of its old version (the Black Shark 2), it has a display of 6.39 inches but with the improvement of touch response, DC Dimming 2.0, a strong battery of 4000 mAh, 240 Hz touch sampling, UD fingerprint sensor and a front camera of 20MP and a rear camera combo of 48MP+12MP.

Price: 128GB version – 436 dollars / 256GB version 506 dollars

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