What to look for in a Laptop or Desktop for Business

Top 8 features you need for your Desktop or Laptop now

desktop and laptops for business
Desktop and Laptops

If you run a business, the best decision you could make would be to invest in Desktops computers or laptops to manage and optimize your company’s performance, but what would be the points to consider when purchasing a Desktop computer or Laptop?

At the time of choosing in stores, various brands offer multiple types of computers for the different needs of buyers.

In this article we offer you the 8 most important features to take into account in your next purchase of desktops or laptops.

1. Should I buy a desktop or laptop?

This first step is very important since it depends on your way of working, if you have employees who work from an office, the best option would be to acquire desktop computers, which usually have a lower price compared to laptops and are more powerful. On the other hand, if the job requires constant travel the best option would be to buy laptops according to your level of mobility and power you need.

laptop and desktop for business
Acer Laptops and Desktops

2. Processor quality

Depending on the amount of tasks that your work requires to handle on computers you will choose the type of processor suitable for your business, the more programs you use at the same time you will need a more powerful processor, a multi-core processor allows you to run multiple applications, if your work requires programs with many graphics, it would be best to choose a quad-core processors.

3. Dual Monitor

A good way to optimize the performance of your workers is to give the opportunity of dual monitor availability, so they can organize themselves better, seeing the tasks on both monitors at the same time. Not only increases the comfort of its employees but also the efficiency of these.

laptop and desktop for business
Dual Monitor

4. RAM

When we talk about RAM we talk about memory, we know that the more memory better the performance of our device, we recommend a minimum of 8GB of RAM for a better experience with your computer, so it will not slow if you work with different programs at the same time.

5. Mac or PC?

The operating system is an important point when choosing a computer, Apple products use the OS X system while the other computers are equipped with the Windows operating system. To choose between these two options, review the areas that your workers or you will be developing.

6. Graphics card quality

If your work is in the gaming world or web design or some derivative, you need a device with a graphics card or graphic chip. These help or allow images, videos and graphics to be displayed in the highest possible quality. If you use or opt for a laptop, the best recommendation for you would be to use an external monitor to your device if your laptop screen is smaller than 17 inches, this will help improve your productivity performance.

desktop and laptop for business
Business Desktop

7. Storage memory

If we talk about storage memory we refer to hard drive, it stores all your files and programs that you need for your business, it is important to invest in devices that offer a good storage space that supports all documents and software essential to your work environment. Usually in the long run you will need an external memory to save all your permanent files if your business requires saving many files such as images, videos and music or if you work with multimedia.

For financial purposes a 500GB hard drive will be sufficient to meet your basic storage needs and for fast performance choose one with 7200rpm spin rate.

8. Networks and wireless connection

The connection to the networks is crucial for the work of the professionals, that is why you must ensure that you have the necessary networks for your business, fast Internet and wireless network cards (get at least an 802.11n wi-fi card; 802.11ac is preferred and quite common), in terms of wireless networks, it is necessary to consider the printers, scanners and other accessories that you will install with bluetooth capabilities or Wi-Fi connection in your workplace, you have to make sure that the computers are equipped with the Latest Bluetooth and Wi-Fi functions, this is very beneficial for a business that is usually very busy and where you need to limit cables around the work space.

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