Should I trust my cardio fitness score on Fitbit?


fitbit cardio fitness score
Fitbit Watch

Users of Fitbit devices can monitor their Fitbit cardio fitness score to make sure everything goes well with respect to their health, this Fitbit cardio fitness score depends on the age, height, weight and type of life that one maintains.

Nowadays people are more interested in taking care of their health and appearance and thanks to technological advances we have devices and apps that help us monitor different aspects of our health, such as our heart rate, the calories we consume in our food, the quality of the physical exercises we do, etc.

Fitbit is a good alternative to start leading a healthier life and in this article we will focus on qualifying the results about our Cardio Fitness Score.

1. How does the Cardio Fitness Score work?

The Fitbit algorithm is basically based on your resting heart rate, this means that as long as you keep a low resting heart rate the better your Fitbit score will be.

Remember that you must configure your application with your general data such as age, weight, size since the results are different for each user.

If you have a bad score, the best recommendation is to start physical activity, this gradually reduces your resting heart rate and will improve your Fitbit score over time.

Another striking feature of Fitbit is that it has the ability to measure your VO2 max, this measures how well your body uses oxygen during your exercise routines.

Fitbit cardio fitness score
Fitbit Cardio Fitness

2. What is the best way to decrease my resting heart rate?

If what worries you is how to decrease your resting heart rate, we will tell you several ways you can follow to achieve it.

First you can try to walk in the morning and if you already do this, increase the distance you travel, this is a good and easy alternative that will give you results within two weeks of starting it.

Another option is, if you are overweight, reduce the calories you consume daily, a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and fibers will help your resting heart rate level decrease significantly, you can also try to take away caffeine and other stimulants of your diet and replace them with healthier drinks such as fruit smoothies.

A third alternative is to reduce your stress level, the latter may be the most difficult since every day we encounter stressful situations, but one hour of meditation a day can improve our stress level.

You can start with any of these three options to start lowering your resting heart rate and get a better Fitbit score after 2 weeks of doing them.

3. Should I trust my cardio fitness score on Fitbit?

According to several studies, it can be concluded that our resting heart rate is a good reference for having an image of our overall health since it not only shows how our heart is.

One can verify this in Fitbit, when our resting heart rate goes up it is possible that we are getting sick or that we get the flu, it can also mean that we are having a stomach infection or that we have a fever.

And as we have already mentioned, our resting heart rate will rise when we have more stress or when we have not slept well, that is why it is very important to rest the necessary hours according to our age.

It should also be noted that in the case of women the resting heart rate will rise while they are in their menstrual cycle so if they see that their resting heart rate rises during these days it is completely normal.

fitbit cardio fitness score
Fitbit How Fit You Are

4. Alternatives to Fitbit

If the Fitbit results did not satisfy you completely you can try Garmin Fenix 5s, which works differently from Fitbit, a difference is how VO2 calculates, it does so at the end of a routine of 2 sets of exercises of 10 minutes each.

An important fact is that the Fitbit Versa will be available in the American market in the coming months and will be able to compare the results of both applications to choose which one best suits your needs and which optimizes your overall health monitoring.

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