CES 2017: Gorilla Glass is coming for cars

LAS VEGAS —Throwing a rock to your car windshield will survive if that windshield is made with Gorilla Glass, the same material used for Smartphone LCD screens.

The same material protecting the delicate LCD displays on millions of smartphones is now waiting around for your road trip

Corning, the organization that develops and producers Gorilla Glass, introduced Gorilla Glass for Automotive on Thursday at CES in Las Vegas. It’s related to the material used in smartphones, but with added ingredients to protect it towards the extreme cold, heat and sun exposure skilled by most vehicles.

To display the effectiveness and potential of glass in automotive use, Corning built an electric car and equipped it with a Gorilla Glass windshield, sun roof rear window, dashboard, touchscreen steering wheel display and a control solar solar panel resting in between two seats.

Speaking about the potential of glass in a wide collection of industries, for example automotive, Corning’s chief strategy officer Dr. Jeffrey Evenson said, “Glass can be to the next 50 years what silicon buildings have been for the last 50 years.”

Evenson said Gorilla Automotive Glass is thinner, lighter and stronger than common automotive glass, that allows Corning to make the windshield seriously thinner than a common car windshield. In fact, the glass throughout the car is lighter and thinner, which, Corning statements could make the car more energy efficient.

Corning supervisors also stated that Gorilla Glass Automotive is is two times more resistant to sharp stone impact which means that when that big truck in front of you kicks back a pebble, you may not index your entire windshield.

Because the entire dash was made of Gorilla Glass, it could also match a film screen in front of the passenger seat. During the demo, a film played as the rest of the dash focused on at the rear of tasks like speed and navigation.

Gorilla Glass Automotive also retains the independence found in their smartphone glass, that allows them to cold bend it to surfaces like the control solar solar panel and side windows. On the rear and sunroof windows, Corning sandwiched in an opacity layer. They displayd how, with the press of the button, they could turn these windows from thoroughly clean to almost opaque.

Corning also announced a connection with glass producer Saint Gobain, and said they are waiting around to produce Gorilla Glass Automotive windshields for manufacturing vehicles today. No word on how much these next-gen windshields will cost.