CES 2017: Smart connected bike for kids

LAS VEGAS — Sketching kids away from the TV in order to exercise can be complicated, but a new connected bike from Fisher-Price will at least trick them into carrying out a a small workout, while getting an education.

The Think & Learn Smart Cycle is stationary bike that assists kids to play educational film film film video games on a connected TV or tablet while pedaling through the level. The quicker they pedal, the quicker the game goes. It’s not totally in contrast to that one assault of Black Mirror.

The bike comes with 4 film film video games that focus on literacy, STEM exposure, math skills science and social studies, and the organization strategies to launch more in 2018.

The bike can possibly connect up to streaming gear on a TV via Bluetooth or parents can obtain the app on iOS or Android and use a tablet. Parents can also obtain an acorganizationing app that can can provide remarks and they can monitor their progression.

Nitya Madhavan, Vice President of Marketing at Fisher-Price said the plaything was influenced by the fact that preschoolers take in information best while they’re powerful and viewing the amusement so what better way than to have them play film film film video games.

An immediate, easy to understand criticism of the plaything is that kids already have enough displays shoved in their face throughout the day and it’s kind of sad to watch a kid pedal a bike viewing a screen instead of viewing the outdoors. But, at least it is educational and promotes exercise.

The Think & Learn Smart Cycle is slated to be printed in Fall 2017 for $149.99, and Fisher-Price has partnered with Nickelodeon to release additional film film video games for an additional price of $4.99 each.