Ghostery has been purchased by a Privacy-focused browser custom

Cliqz, German developer of the privacy-focused browser, has purchased the tracker-blocking browser plugin .Ghostery and its development group from its producer, Evidon.

Partly owned by Mozilla, Cliqz will combine Ghostery’s era with similar works in its browser, but strategies to continue development of the extension for other browsers too, it said Wednesday.

The sale will resolve an apparent battle of interest for Evidon, which on the one hand provided the Ghostery extension to enhance privacy, and on the other sold aggregate information to businesses regarding which trackers customers blocked. It will still obtain that aggregate information from Cliqz, but one step removed.

Sharing of aggregate data and the era of user accounts are optional amenities of the extension.

The Ghostery antitracking tool has about 10 zillion powerful customers worldwide, the the kind of said. One advantage of the acquisition that Cliqz touted is that it is based in Francey, a country with some of the strictest privacy laws in the world, which it said should provide better privacy protection for any data the organization holds about its customers.

While Cliqz sets about integrating Ghostery’s works into its browser, it recommends placing the Ghostery extension to the Cliqz browser, or using the Ghostery and Cliqz extensions for Mozilla’s Firefox together. Cliqz offers beta designs of its browser for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS. The Ghostery extension is available for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera, with some works available in mobile programs for iOS and Android.