Google’s Pixel seems to have a big audio issue

Newest Google Pixel and Pixel XL phone are maybe two of the best flagship Android phones you can purchase this month. But there might be serious problem with their speakers, particularly at higher volume levels.

Reddit user Mark “badmark” Buckman brought to treatment the problem after publishing a film of his Pixel and Pixel XL exhibiting audio distortion when the volume is turned to their higherest levels.

With the volumed cranked all the way up, the Perfect Piano app is virtually unusable. As you drag your fingers along the keys, the keys sound more like static with lots of audio popping.

The issue also only rears by itself when the volume established to its loudest with the Perfect Piano app and the audio is played through the speaker; headphones seem to work fine.

Mashable was able to duplicate the same audio problem on a Pixel and two separate Pixel XLs. The issue remained even when we updated the phones from Android 7.1 to 7.1.1. The same tests on a OnePlus 3T operating Android 6.1 Marshmallow, and an iPhone 7 operating iOS 10.2, however, had no such audio distortions.

Pixel experts have been reporting on audio popping and clicking on issues since late October.

A post from a Pixel XL owner, Ryan Lestage, on Google’s recognized Pixel user culture forum, from back on Oct. 24, suggests the audio issues extend to all audio for example “talk radio or music played in Chrome, Facebook, TuneIn Radio, YouTube, etc.”

Mashable was not able to reproduce the issues in other commonly used music programs such as YouTube, Chrome, Spotify or Pandora.

Given the different user tales it’s unclear exactly what’s causing the speaker assaults.