How to choose the best gaming phone? Components and prices

This post will cover a lot of things related to a gaming phone – such as price and specs. For now this
is only the beginning of a very detailed look at how to design your phone. For this you will need to know your needs, what kind of functions a phone needs and what kind of hardware you need. So let’s get started…

Asus ROG Phone 2 gaming features
Asus ROG Phone 2 gaming features

The Software

Most people think about the hardware first. Well, it may be obvious but you should not ignore the
software. After all, you can read about it when you buy a gaming phone and now all you want to know is how to choose the right device. In order to be able to make an informed decision you should know the right kind of software that will help you get the most out of a gaming phone.

What You Won’t Find On a Gaming Phone

The US is still the top seller of smartphones worldwide and the manufacturers want to maximize profit in this market regardless of the price tag.

In order to maximize profit you need to make sure your device can meet the need of the player, which is a good thing since gamers have various applications/games that need to be downloaded, activated and kept active.

games for asus rog phone
Asus Rog Phone

Gaming phones have been around forever and we still have players that play on these phones because they enjoy the game. The only difference is that the player needs to get a new phone to play on. It also won’t need a lot of memory to run the games and most of the apps, so the players use it the way they prefer them. The only time the device is “broken” is if you want to use the device full-time.

Why The Gaming Phone Isn’t a Gaming Phone

Why the gaming phone isn’t a gaming phone – Well, when I say the phone isn’t a gaming device I mean that the game doesn’t go beyond playing a single frame. No scrolling through menus, no multitasking on the screen and no moving your finger between games.

Now I know that there are a lot of people that won’t mind playing games like Call of Duty games but I’m pretty sure that when they play Call of Duty all they really think about is a single click on a button.
Not a lot of thought goes into how the game will feel on their device when they are done.

The same goes for many other apps. You probably haven’t clicked on your Facebook app in almost 2 years but most smartphones have a screen full of apps that will open and close instantly. That makes it easy to keep your attention on what’s going on even when you don’t do anything else.

On top of these apps there are many more that will open and close automatically at the click of a button. There are a few apps you should probably give your device a pass and only take out when you really need something from it like a phone charger or game for a game of Angry Birds or something else you need to get done.

The gaming screen is a bit worse in this regard compared to the tablet screens but I still feel that
mobile phones are more popular for what they can do than what they do so I would expect the majority to accept the fact that you might not want to use their screen at all.

Razer Phone is official 120Hz Ultramotion display The Pro Gamer smartphone1

The GPU processor

The gpu is one of most important components in any gaming device. With high amount of power, it allows the phone to run at high graphical detail, also the gpu processor is very power efficient if we compare to the cpu, it has enough power to run at 1080p and 1440p high detail. This is why the AMD processor is always the main CPU and there are three main types of processors:

Qualcomm – for phones with high level of graphics, like the AMD Firepro series of phones (Fire Pro S,
Fire Pro 5, Fire Pro 2 and now Fire Pro 6) on the market. These chips can run at higher levels of
graphics and are more of better.

Samsung – the flagship Samsung phones, which is the most powerful in the world. These chips are almost
twice the power of the current chips on the market.

MSI – the more popular of the brands that offer more choices and are also more of a premium device.

The main reason you go for a top of the line gaming phone is because of the CPU too.  So basically the processor has two parts, one a CPU and one a GPU. The CPU is the brain of mobile
devices, the part which processes all of the instructions a phone receives from the CPU in order to use the memory on the device. The CPU runs a wide variety of apps and games, while the GPU is the part of the CPU which performs the GPU related calculations. The GPU is what
really make a phone amazing. It is also very important that you have an APU available with this type of phone because it takes care of all the graphic processing and graphics performance tasks, which will help in high detail gaming.

We won’t talk much about the RAM and storage, we could talk about each but most gamers have one or a few gigs of memory (3 gigs or 4 gbp) and the phone can not perform any game at the highest level without that. The main requirement for getting some cool gaming graphics on your phone is a powerful GPU processor. If it doesn’t, then you will run into your phone will not give you the right experience.

The display/screen phone

Now it’s time to select the display that you will use. This can be determined by the resolution and
pixel count. If the processor that comes with the phone supports OpenGL ES 3.x which is the latest
version of the OpenGL standard, the device will have a high-resolution display.

It’s always a good idea to have some quality screen protection too. There should also have been a
removable protective cover, as well as some dust filters on the camera.

Gaming phones comparisons

Check the specs of the best gaming phones in the market before you decide to buy one:

Asus vs Lenovo – Asus ROG phone 3 vs Lenovo legion duel gaming (Legion pro)

Asus vs Xiaomi – Asus ROG phone 3 vs Xiaomi black Shark 3 Pro 

Xiaomi vs Honor – Xiaomi Black Shark 3 Pro vs Honor Play 4


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