Instagram new update introduces new carousel album posts max of 10 photos and videos

Instagram is implementing a new sharing way that lets you create and publish groups of images and videos in a single post. Posts were limited to single images or videos with the exception of Stories which are ephemeral..

The new Instagram format helps up to 10 images and films in a single post. Posts with groups of images and films will be presented inline with the primary Instagram feed as a single post that can be swiped carousel-style to enhance additional images.

“When uploading to your feed, you’ll see a new icon to select groups of images and videos. It’s easy to control exactly how your post will look. You can tap and maintain to alter the order, apply a filter to something at once or edit one by one. These content articles have a single caption and are square-only for now. On your profile grid, you’ll notice the first image or video of your post has a small icon, which means there’s more to see.”

Overall, the new album format appears very well done. As a frequent Instagram user myself, I’m looking forward to using this new feature when it rolls out. I usually try to pick the single best image from an event to share.

Now the very best image can be first in the carousel and the rest can be included without over sharing. (I’m a small too old school to invest much time publishing Instagram Stories that vanish but I watch my fair share.)

Instagram says its new image and film sharing feature is available in version 10.9 of its iPhone app, although it may take some time to roll out after the app update.