What are the new iPhone 11 Pro Max features?

Best and worst features of the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max

review of the iphone 11 pro max
iPhone 11 Pro Max

After the Apple event 2019 people were surprised by the new products of the company, mostly by the iPhone 11 Pro Max features that will be commented later. Some of the devices presented were the new 10.2-inch iPad, the Apple Watch series 5 with its always-on display, they also announced the price and release date for their next media services and of course, the most expected ones, the iPhone 11 with its dual camera and the iPhone 11 Pro with its 3 camera setup. To finish, the company presented another variant of the phone and showed off about the iPhone 11 Pro Max features.

1. New naming scheme

As we remember, Apple launched last year their X lineup phones, XS, XS Max and XR. Surprisingly, this year the company decided to go back to its previous numeric names, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. Apple stayed to the last generation of smartphones established pattern which includes a cheaper version and another two improved variants.

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2. Which version is better for me?

With all these smartphones it’s difficult to pick one for ourselves, especially when the specs and price of them are far from each other, first, you can have the iPhone 11 for 699 dollars which makes it the cheapest one, second, the iPhone 11 Pro sells for 999 dollars, a difference of 300 dollars that worth it for the hardware and software upgrade and finally, the iPhone 11 Pro Max costs 1449 dollars which makes it the most expensive one.

This time we present you the best qualities of the iPhone 11 Pro and the optimized version the iPhone 11 Pro Max as well as the worst characteristics of both Apple phones in order to create a better perceptions of the devices for the consumer’s choice.

review of iphone 11 pro max
iPhone 11 lineup

3. Good: 3-camera set-up

The company decided this year to invest in the development of the camera tech, the iPhone 11 Po shows a better photography than any other Apple’s phones. The three-camera set-up it’s an upgrade form of the dual-camera set-up of the iPhone 11 and includes an ultra-wide angle lens with 12 megapixel, a standard wide lens with 12 megapixel and a telephoto lens with 12 megapixel, this last telephoto lens makes the Pro version stand out from the other ones, it gives the phone a 2x optical zoom in and out and it’s up to 10x digital zoom. You can also use these traits on video mode. The telephoto type lens also brings the dual optical stabilization which the iPhone 11 does not have.

For a better understanding of the benefits of the 3-camera set, here’s a little explanation. The new smartphone can use at the same time the three cameras in order to have more photography options that you won’t find in the iPhone 11. The company point out of these options the Deep Fusion, this feature can combine 9 photos, including a long exposure one, to make an image with the best traits of each using AI.

One more benefit of the camera set is the availability to zoom in on subjects in videos based on the source of audio, and you can film using any of the three lenses for better recording freedom.

Now, it’s true that the iPhone 11 includes the majority of the camera features of the Pro version and this shows the close gap between the phones in the new lineup compare with past generations like in 2017 when Apple released the iPhone XR which include a single selfie camera meanwhile the XS and XS Max versions had dual cameras.

With this camera parity, both flagships (iPhone 11 and the 11 Pro) will have the new Night mode, which enables the phone to artificially brighten dark photos, and the slow motion selfie which Apple calls it Slofie.

review of the iphone 11 pro max
iPhone 11 Pro Max

4. Good: Upgrade display

There’s a group of consumers who cares a lot about the display quality and this year Apple found a way to reach them, the new lineup has an optimized display tech. The 11 Pro houses a Super Retina XDR display with 5.8 inches and the Pro Max version a 6.5 inches one, this puts buyer to choose between an OLED displays versus a LCD one that the iPhone 11 has. It’s important to point out that you will note a drop in quality if you go from Super Retina XDR which works with 2436 x 1125 pixel resolution at 458 ppi to the Liquid Retina HD which works with 1792 x 828 pixel resolution at 326 ppi.

5. Good: Powerful battery life

What people are more expecting every time a smartphone is released, it’s the improvement of the battery life, this time Apple offers 4 more hours with the iPhone 11 Pro when comparing against the iPhone XS, the Max version offers 5 more hours.

This means you can play 65 hours of audio, 18 hours of video and 11 hours of streaming video, on iPhone 11 it reduces a little on the video hours which shows the company only add the battery benefits on the Pro and Pro Max versions. This spec puts the iPhone 11 Pro on a higher level than the iPhone 11.

6. Bad: No outstanding Pro benefits

Both iPhone 11 and the Pro variant have Night mode and share lots of the portrait mode tricks, they also had slow motion capture and similar film specs, these similarities makes the 11 Pro difficult to stand out from the standard iPhone 11. The creators says the 11 Pro owns higher quality photography and that it approaches to online content creators and artist but both camera systems doesn’t  have a big gap between them for the 300 dollars extra cash. A few things you get with the Pro variant are optimized display, some new camera options and 512 GB of storage.

7. Bad: Doesn’t include USB-C

The company has decided to bring back again the Lightning port with the iPhone 11, the Pro version comes with a faster charging 18W charger with a USB-C port. The good news is Apple add a Lightning to USB-C cable on the box.

8. Bad: Less colors options than the iPhone 11

Considering the big amount of Apple’s consumers that likes better the Pro variants of all phones, it’s a little annoying to always have boring color options for them. Almost every generation of iPhones has always bring radiant colors for the cheapest ones and classic and old space color for the expensive ones and this year is not the exception. The only good point is the one-off dark green option color for the 11 Pro but still isn’t a great big step.


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