Are mid range phones worth it?

Reasons to pursue a Mid-Range phone instead of a flagship in 2019 


mid range smartphones
Mid Range Phones

In these times where people want to show off their last-model phones but, at the same time, do not have enough money to access one, the Mid-range phones come on the scene, which have shown in recent years their excellent development in the field and its growing posicioning in the market, that’s why you need a Mid range phone now.

Mid-range phones have shown excellent development in terms of camera, design, efficiency of the apps and price, we present you the best ones of the moment.

The main reasons why we acquired a cell phone is to entertain through games, to communicate and keep up with the news of our friends through social media, or simply to take selfies with our friends and although it is true that all this is better with a phone of last model, this does not justify to waste our income in one in approximately thousand dollars.

That’s why we present you with five reasons to take them into account the next time you’re buying a smartphone, since you can get a phone by much less on a mid-range smartphone.

1. Outstanding development of the cameras

It is true that the latest model phones have the best shots in terms of photography and video as the Galaxy S9 but many others can offer optimal experiences in this field as the Asus ZenFone 6 that delivers high-end shooting experience in both rear and front, without compromising on screen real estate. The photos you capture are apart from vibrant, detailed and you can buy it from 559 euros.

mid range phones
Asus Zenfone 6

We have several other options like the Honor 8X which for only 249 euros offers gorgeous shimmering glass back and a stunning 6.5in FHD + bezel-less display on the front, with a Notch,  housing at 20Mp camera; or the Xiaomi Mi 9 SE that for 309 euros offers an incredible experience with its triple-lens 48Mp camera.

2. Design improvements

If you were leaving aside the mid-range cell phones for their simple and flat designs we recommend you see these options and reconsiders when buying a new cell phone.

The Asus ZenFone 6 apart from its good features in terms of its camera also has a curve in the back that fits very well in the palm of your hand, its design is bright and has a full screen of 6.4 inches free of bevels and cuts.

The Honor View 20 is another very good option as it features dazzling eye-catching design due to the one-two punch of the pinhole camera on the front and the unique holographic effect V on its glass backside.

mid range phones
Honor View 20

3. More savings

If you had two purchase options for the same amount, which one would you choose? A phone recently launched on the market or a mid-range phone plus cases, a pair of headphones or accessories of your liking, such as a portable battery or speakers. It is obvious to think that one would be inclined for the second option, and what is saved by not buying a luxury phone can be used to numerous items to optimize your mid-range mobile or even to pay for a dinner or outing to the cinema or use the most convenient way of your taste.

4. Better use efficiency of applications

The flagships contain numerous applications and updates that are very useful for those who really use them, such as professional photographers, people specialized in finance or programming, for others your smartphone only represents a way to entertain or communicate, this is why all these new applications are lost or have no sense when not used, therefore it is not necessary to waste your income on a luxury phone when you can get a mid-range for much less with the same functions that you look for in the other.

mid range phones
Huawei Honor 8X

5. Increase in competition and cell phone updates

Due to the large market that grows every day of mid-range phones, companies in China come with better proposals in their products in recent years and better prices for their consumers with advances in both the hardware area and the spark fair. Buying a new cell phone means being exposed to new updates that companies offer later, but if you bought a mid-range one you will save money and have the option of updating your mobile every time a new version is launched without consuming your income.

mid range phones
Xiaomi Mi 9

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