Motorola RAZR smartphone is back as a $1,500 folding phone

The Motorola telephone flagship once called Motorola Razer may comeback next month. Motorola’s ultra-thin, flip smartphone was quite popular back again in the 2000s. In its new model, the Motorola Razr could be a foldable smartphone with a premium price tag, according to The WSJ Journal. Lenovo company, which is Motorola’s owner, could bring back to life again the Razer smartphone with a foldable display.

Motorola-Razr-Smartphone foldable
Motorola-Razr-Smartphone foldable

The report also says that Lenovo is working with US telecom Verizon to launch official the device in February.

The revamped Motorola Razr may be priced at $1,500. That’s quite a higher price for a device that nostalgia.

The Motorola Razr had released initially in 2004 dubbed as the Razr V3. The telephone established a hot new trend among young mobile phones customers thanks to its ultra-thin stylish design. The telephone reportedly sold over 129 million models in 4 years.

But, it’s not the very first time Motorola and Verizon have tried to relaunch the phone again, the Razr brand of mobile phones. The two companies had worked on launching Droid Razr branded Android smartphones with a thin form factor. The Droid Razr was the thinnest mobile telephone in the world when it launched.

Lenovo expected to manufacture over 200,000 RAZRs models, which may seem very optimistic for a $1,500 luxury smartphone, competing with big names like samsung galaxy note, iphone xs or the huawei mate series or foldable screen phones like the next samsung galaxy which will be unveiled on february.

If Lenovo does bring back again the Motorola Razr, it could brighten up the Motorola brand once again. One thing continues to be certain, we will see a lot of foldable mobile phones in 2019.

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