New Moto Z4 with 48 MP camera and more specs leaked

Some of Moto Z4 specs has been leaked with renders images that shows the new design of the phone. The well-known smartphones leaker Evan Blass has officially revealed new renders of the Moto Z4 that shows all the phone sides.
There exists a waterdrop notch display in the front design and could be a 6.4 inches Full HD OLED screen.

motorola moto z4 specs

At first sight, we notice there is no in-display fingerprint sensor due to the use of an OLED screen that will be used in the phone.
Maybe the popular Motorola logo “M” on the rear panel coulb be used as a rear fingerprint sensor.

Moto Z4 48 MP camera

The moto z4 will probably feature a 48 MP camera sensor as most of the mobiles are following the trend, with a pixel size of actually 0.8 micro and a pixel binning feature to group the pixels in 1.6 micro. This sensor will has laser autofocus and dual led flash, all in a single camera module for the rear panel.

At the phone’s back base exists a 16-pin connector for Moto Mods, which can be attached to provide extra technologies. The top body places a single top front speaker, a SIM chip tray and a microphone hole.

A 2nd mic is located at the base along with a 3.5 mm jack headphone and a USB Type-C port. The volume and power buttons are placed on the right body while the left one remains clean. It’s likely that this Moto Z4 edition will run on Snapdragon 675 chipset and has a front camera of 25 MP, the battery of 3600 mAh will make it for the day featuring TurboCharge fast charging. Price will be revealed when motorola present the phone.


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