Why is my new phone battery draining so fast?

Tips to longer the life of your phone battery.

phone battery draining fast
Phone Battery

They are various reasons why your Phone Battery is draining fast, like the time of life of your phone, the apps you use the most, the way you charge your Phone Battery, the temperature of your smartphone, etc. You will find out the primary reasons your phone battery is draining fast and the best ways to avoid it.

One of the most frequent disadvantages in smartphone consumers is regarding the battery performance over the years, it is normal that the battery or in general the mobile does not work the same at the time it was purchased but there are very useful and simple ways to extend the life of your cell phone battery that are very advantageous over these days when cell phones no longer offer the option of replacing the battery with a new one with ease, since it is necessary to go with the official technician of the supplier brand as it is in the case of Apple or Samsung.

There is also the environmental problem present, since the waste from technological devices is very harmful to the environment and a way to reduce the impact is by extending the life of our battery to avoid resorting to its replacement.

In this article we present seven of the best tips to extend the life of the cell phone battery, that is, its duration until you have to replace it.

1. Why does my battery reduce its performance over time?

Batteries lose life time how much more charge cycles this has, a charge cycle is when we charge the mobile from 0 percent to 100, if we charge it from 50 percent to 100, it will be half of a charge cycle, the times that one needs a charging cycle depends on the use of the user, some give 1 full cycle per day to their device, others more others less.

Companies point out that after 400 charge cycles, battery performance will be reduced by approximately 20 percent. Although it has been proven that in reality the batteries begin to lose their performance from 100 charge cycles.

With this explained we will go on to provide options for your battery to last longer during the day, and therefore need less charge cycles and thus extend its life time.

phone battery draining fast
Samsung’s Battery

2. Do not fully charge the battery or let it discharge at 0%

Current cell phones have batteries that drain performance if you let it discharge completely or charge it 100 percent. The batteries show better performance if they are maintained at a charge level between 20 percent and 90 percent. That is, when it reaches 20% what you should do is connect it to start charging and disconnect it when it reaches 90%.

3. Keep it at room temperature

You should avoid extreme temperatures, exposing your cell phone to very cold or very hot temperatures can reduce the life of your battery. Keeping it in warm places would be the best option, if you are in the summer avoid leaving it in the car.

phone battery draining fast
Phone Battery Charger

4. Keep the brightness of your screen as little as possible

In most cases what consumes the most energy of your battery is the screen of your cell phone, that is why keeping it at a low brightness level will help you save energy, but avoid using auto brightness since although it reduces the brightness when there is light, consume more energy which we try to reduce, it would be best to configure it manually every time you need to change the brightness.

5. Dark mode

Using dark tones on your screen reduces the amount of energy used for light colors, if you choose a dark theme for your phone you will save energy if your screen is OLED or AMOLED, if your mobile does not have this type of screens like the last ones Apple flagships, there will be no difference if you choose a dark theme.

phone battery draining fast
Phone Battery Charging

6. Consider deleting Facebook

Being one of the applications that uses more energy, perhaps the best thing you could do is uninstall the Facebook app and instead enter Facebook from your browser as you would from a laptop or desktop (you will still receive notifications), or you can download the light version of it.

7. Restrict the use of apps that spend energy

Search your cell phone for applications that waste energy from your battery, consider removing them, disabling them or restricting permissions. A good option is to replace the apps with their light versions, such as Facebook, Messenger.

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