New Picture-in-picture feature for Netflix on Android 8.1

New Picture in picture feature for Netflix on Android 8.1
Picture-in-picture is one of the most anticipated functions of Android 8.0 (Oreo). With PiP, customers can view a video “floating” on the screen even while doing anything else with their handset. They can also drag the video around to one of the screen’s corners if they so desire. Currently available on this kind of Google applications as YouTube, Roadmaps Chrome (in full-screen only) and Duo, the recently released Android 8.1 beta reveals that streaming video app Netflix will be supporting Picture-in-Picture once Android 8.1 is installed on an Android flavored telephone.

Deploying the new feature is a snap, as well. So let’s say you’re planning on binge viewing the latest season of Fuller House, but you also need to do some work on your telephone. Once the video starts actively playing tapping on the home switch will reduce the size of the window (Honey, I shrunk my Netflix video!) which allows you to do your work even while you are viewing the latest mischief involving the Tanners and Gibblers.

As we stated the Netflix support for Picture-in-Picture will not appear till Android 8.1 is installed on your handset. That means that it could nevertheless be weeks if not months before you can prove how well you multitask by streaming your favorite shows while working with your telephone at the same time.

source: AndroidPoliceNew Picture in picture feature for Netflix on Android 8.1