Pokemon Go New Nearby Tracker

Following the version 1.3 update the Nintendo and Niantic-masterminded smash strike Pokemon GO, random-picked players found on their own beta-testing a new Nearby tracker that issues hunters towards wild Pokemon in their vicinity. The colorful monsters are given with a picture of the nearest Pokestop to them, and tapping on a creature films the map from a bird’s eye perspective with the specific region inhabited by the Pokemon highlighted.

Should the animal disappear before you manage to throw your pokeball at it, you will get a notification to stop you from trecking only to come out empty-handed. The tracker is limited to a maximum distance of 500 metres, though.

Hopefully, players will find the Nearby feature sophisticated to the one that was available before, only to be removed by Niantic together with the expulsion of third-party monitoring methods. It’s good gameplay design to know the possible Pokemon facilities but still transfer with the hunting action. If the test succeeds, it probably will not take too lengthy before the new Nearby functionality is available to all Pokemon GO players.

source: Reddit via Touch Arcade