Repairing Apple HomePod costs nearly as much as buying a new one

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Apple Released service and restore points for HomePod on its internet site and it can cost HomePod homeowners a whopping $280 to repair or change the device if they don’t have AppleCare+.
That’s almost as much as the HomePod speaker itself, which bills $350.

Like any Apple merchandise, whatever damage your HomePod sustains maybe included below the included warranty. But when it can be now not, you gotta fork over the money to get it constant. And if you’re going to do that, you would as well just buy a new one.

Why is a repair so pricey? Normally given that Apple designed it to be next to inconceivable to open up through your self (there are not any screws wherever). Additionally, all of its components the tweeters, woofer, and A8 are customized, so you cannot simply swap out a component anyway. But that’s simply the best way things are whilst you buy Apple’s instruments.

It appears silly to even suppose about shopping AppleCare+ for a speaker whatever that sits still on a cabinet, bookshelf, or desk, and commonly will not be moved very mostly however happens.

Probably you possess pets they usually unintentionally knock your HomePod over. (The gentle mesh fabric does seem like a cat’s scratching paradise.) Or maybe you drunkenly stumble residence one night and stumble upon some thing you place it on and HomePod drops with a loud thud. IDK, that is not my main issue.

The bottom line is, if you purchase a HomePod and have any considerations it should break, just pay the $40 and buy AppleCare+. It would prolong the product’s warranty to two years and you can have some peace of mind.

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