Rogue One gets $155 million and is a Huge Success

Rogue One is making $155 million at the North American movie market this weekend, a great start that guarantees the 1st Star Wars “story” is just beginning.


The $155 million figure makes Rogue One the 3rd highest grossing domestic weekend opener of 2016, at the rear of Captain America: Civil War ($179 zillion) and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ($166 zillion). It’s also the 12th highest bow of all time, sandwiched in between The Hunger Game Titles: Catching Fire ($147 zillion in 2013) and The Hunger Game Titles ($152 zillion in 2012).

Mark this down as a not overly spectacular — but certainly robustly good-enough — launch for Walt disney’s plan to annualize its Star Wars franchise entries, for example stand-alone “stories” that don’t really factor into the central Skywalker saga.

Throw in other X-factors like new/unfamiliar figures a lady lead in Felicity Johnson and a manufacturing that noticed the studio seize control from overseer Gareth Edwards for a series of spendy reshoots — just part of the process folks, not the controversy you’re looking for, move alengthy — and it’s safe to say that Rogue One’s mission was a success.

Worldwide, Rogue One required in $290.5 zillion for the three-day body according to studio estimates purchased by Mashable on Sunday.

Where Rogue One winds up on the 2017 charts for complete grosses should be an fascinating case study: It should have lengthy enough thighs to connect No. 5 Deadpool, which hauled in $363 zillion after 18 weeks in release — but has almost no want of touching fellow Walt disney release Finding Dory, which stayed in film theaters for 25 weeks on its way to a whopping $486 zillion domestic.

Of course, Rogue One never had a chance at playing like last year’s The Force Awakens — and no one requested as much. That franchise homecoming celebration printed the highest opening weekend in background at $250 zillion in North America, a staggering result that was focused mainly by guy filmgoers (64 percent) and instant-repeat business.

Rogue One also boasted the second-best December domestic opening, at the rear of only The Force Awakens, of course.

The 23 percent Saturday-to-Sunday dropoff for Rogue One was far steeper than that of The Force Awakens (11 percent), which also printed a record $60 million for Thursday night late films a number that Rogue One needed Thursday night and all of Friday to hit.