Samsung Galaxy S10 will features two display sizes and omit the iris scanning

Samsung Galaxy S10 will features two display sizes and omit the iris scanning

Samsung introduced iris checking biometry with the ill-fated smartphone Note 7 and used it in subsequent flagships as an extra to the face recognition function in Samsung’s so-called “Intelligent Scan” package. It’s not the 3D face-scanning of the iPhone X and some current phones like the Oppo Find X or the Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer Edition, and doesn’t have the pretenses to be, but Samsung is nevertheless ditching it altogether for the Galaxy S10, report Korean industry insiders today.

The thing is that the S10 will be Samsung’s very first telephone with veritable in-display finger scanner, they claim, after it tried and failed to implement it into the Note 9 on time for the summer release (it’s been trying because the S8, but we digress). In addition, Samsung is working on slimming down a 3D face-scanning module of its own for the S10, and if it succeeds, each its current face recognition effort that only utilizes the front digital camera as well as iris checking will fairly much become obsolete.

There is nevertheless a chance that Samsung keeps its current setup if it doesn’t crack the 3D-scanning conundrum, created in partnership with the Israelis from Mantis Vision, so suppliers of the iris-scanning module could rapidly ramp up production. For now, however, report the insiders, most other component makers have currently been given marching orders for their part of the Galaxy S10 efforts, but the iris scanners needn’t apply just yet.

The most fascinating take from the whole publication, however, is the fact that display suppliers have been tasked with producing two screen sizes for the Galaxy S10 – a 5.8″ and a 6.3″ solar panel – so Samsung is going to fairly much continue with the current scheme of the S9 and S9+, but may shrink the bezels even additional or apply other shenanigans to increase the screen-to-body ratio compared to the S9, which is fairly compact in its turn.

The S10 is shaping up to be a fairly intriguing device and we can’t wait around to see what Samsung has in store with its anniversary answer to all the bezel-less, notch-y tsunami that Android manufacturers are unleashing on our unsuspecting mind this year.

source: The Bell (translated)