Samsung Galaxy S9 vs LG V30S ThinQ

Samsung Galaxy S9 vs LG V30S ThinQSamsung Galaxy S9
New Samsung Galaxy S9 unveiled at 2018 MWC is likely to has a couple of major enhancements over the preview S8 . On the exterior, however, small is likely to alter – the Galaxy S9 is expected to be created of metal and glass curving around the edges, with minimum bezels surrounding its Infinity display. The digital camera is rumored to remain a single module, as a dual camera establishedup could appear only in the Galaxy S9+.

The S9 and S9+ can record a video of 960fps slow-mo video (just 0.2s are turned into 6s slow-mo footage) at 720p resolution, and the implementation itself looks very well. The smartphone is capable of automatic motion detection, which sets the appropriate part of the video in slow-motion without you having to do almost anything. A manual mode setting is available as well.

The 2-step variable aperture goes from f/1.5, down to f/2.4, which comes in handy when shooting sluggish motion video or stills at night. When you’re shooting in a dimly lit atmosphere for example the aperture opens to let more light in, so you can shoot at a highererer shutter pace and not worry concerning blurring your photo. This feature is also important for recording higherer body rate movies because the camera shutter needs to operate at an extremely higherer pace, which outcomes in less light taken by the sensor. This makes shooting sluggish-mo movies in darker environments an exercise in frustration, particularly when it comes to smarttelephone digital digital cameras.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Camera AR Emoji


Samsung Galaxy S9 price release date

At this point, Samsung hasn’t yet said the price information for the Galaxy S9 and S9+, although we can make an educated guess based on final year’s models. For example the S8 launched with a price tag of around $750, while the S8+ launched at $850. Given the current hike in smarttelephone prices we’d presume the Galaxy S9 and S9+ will launch at these or slightly highererer prices.

Preorders for the Galaxy S9 and S9+ start today, and the telephones will be officially released in most major markets on March 16. Other markets will get them shortly after.

LG V30S ThinQ
LG presented the LG V30S ThinQ ahead the 2018 MWC.
LG began working on making differentiated and intuitive AI-based solutions for the most commonly used smartphones features more than a year ago. With a particular focus on the camera and voice recognition, the resulting Vision AI delivers a smarter camera that is even easier to use, while Voice AI enhances the breadth of spoken commands in the latest smartphone.

Vision AI: Making Photography Intuitive

Vision AI includes three new intelligent camera features: AI CAM, QLens and Bright Mode that automates and enhances the smartphone image capturing experience for novice as well as experienced shutterbugs.

AI CAM analyzes subjects in the frame and recommends the optimal shooting mode among eight categories: portrait, food, pet, landscape, city, flower, sunrise, and sunset. Each mode enhances the characteristics of the subject taking into account factors such as the viewing angle, color, reflections, lighting, and saturation level.

QLens takes further advantage of the image recognition capabilities of the AI technology to scan QR codes to improve the online shopping experience. Capture an item of interest with QLens to get information as to where to buy the product online at the lowest price as well as recommendations of similar items. Perform an image search with QLens to see matching or similar images of food, fashion and celebrities or detailed information of landmarks such as buildings and statues.

Low light photography on the LG V30S ThinQ gets a huge boost with Bright Mode. Instead of measuring only ambient light like most smartphone cameras, this AI feature uses algorithms to brighten images by a factor of two for better looking photos without the noise.

Voice AI: LG-Exclusive Voice Commands

Another new feature is Voice AI that allows users to run apps and change settings through voice commands alone. Working alongside Google Assistant, the LG-exclusive Voice AI commands eliminates the need to search through menu options and allows for direct selection of specific functions.

More Memory, More Storage, More Colors

The LG V30S ThinQ takes the “flagship” nomenclature to a new level with upgraded features that would satisfy even the most demanding customer. With 6GB of RAM, smooth multitasking and faster performance is virtually guaranteed and storage capacities of 128GB in the LG V30S ThinQ and 256GB in the LG V30S+ ThinQ means that customers will never run out of space. In the rare event that does happen, the microSD slot provides even more storage, up to 2TB.