Samsung knows what ruined the Galaxy Note7

Before Samsung can earn back clients trust again, it’ll need to give an explanation of what failed in the Galaxy Note7 and led it to be discontinued.

After a month publicly apologizing for the Note7 and promising to launch a thorough study into the disastrous phone launch, Samsung has now ratingedly finished its internal study, according to The Korea Herald.

Although no definitive fine detail as to what led to so many Note7’s to explode and prompt two global recalls before the phone was permanently discontinued were shared, the rating statements Samsung has shared its study findings with third-party labs such as the Korea Testing Laboratory and UL.

The rating mentions no timeframe for when Samsung will disclose its findings.

“We will re-examine every fine detail of the device, for example all hardware, programs commercial and the overall battery structure,” Gregory Lee, leader and CEO of Samsung Electronics North America, wrote in the public apology printed in three major U.S. newspapers. “We will move as effortlessly as possible, but will take the time needed to get the right answers.”

It’s widely believed faulty batteries and possibly the tight tolerances of the Note7’s design may have led to the phones to explode, or a combination of both.

With the Galaxy S8’s impending release next year, the clock is ticking for Samsung to act fast to mop up the Note7.
Samsung very first thought the Note7 explosions were related to defective batteries produced by its own battery division, Samsung SDI. But after replacement and “safe” Note7’s containing batteries made by China’s Amperex Technology Ltd. (ATL) also started to connect on fire, Samsung ultimately moved quick to kill the phone.

Interestingly enough, in a separate rating, The Korea Herald statements Samsung might consider using batteries made by rival LG Chem for the Note 8, additional suggesting the Note7’s assaults might really be carefully attributable to the batteries used.

With the Galaxy S8’s impending release next year (ratings suggest in April), the clock is ticking for Samsung to act fast to mop up the Note7.

One possible venue for Samsung to reassure the initial place that it has certainly carried out a thorough study into the Note7 is at next month’s CES, the year’s largest era show. Coming clean on the big action is the only way the organization will be able to inspire confidence and let the initial place know it has something under control.

Representatives for Samsung didn’t respond immediately to a request for comment.