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Samsung Phones Best Features

Samsung phones are well known for their innovative features in each aspect of the device like new camera filters, UX characteristics, the processor powering or battery durability. Some of the common and remarkable features in most of the phones change with the release of latest model every year, but most keep the basic or special ones with important updates in hardware or software like:

Samsung Galaxy phones specifications and features 1
  • Long Battery capacity with power sharing
  • Exclusive Knox Security
  • Samsung Pass
  • Weareable devices ecosystem
  • High-end cameras technology and features
  • Task routine automation
  • Biometric protection
  • Samsung Dex

Long Battery capacity with power sharing

Most models like Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra have the Super Fast Charging, which get 25 watts of power when plugged in,
giving you hours of power in just minutes. There is an adaptive power-saving mode that offers days of battery without recharging by minimizing the apps usability and other features you don’t often need.
Very convenient for gaming and working activities during the day.

Exclusive Knox Security

A set of security features for hardware components and the software mobile which is trusted by governments and large companies alike. With this you get real-time mobile protection and encryption for your files.

Samsung Pass

Logings managing system for social media accounts, business apps and more.
Samsung Pass is a free service that acts like a vault for login credentials in your apps and accounts.
You can use it in tandem with your biometrics, so you can sign into most of your apps and websites
with just two taps.

Weareable devices ecosystem

With a samsung phone you can take calls and manage alerts via hand gestures
connected via galaxy watch and immerse yourself in a high quality audio using the galaxy buds. Also
record a video and use them as a wireless microphone.

High-end cameras technology and features

This is an area where samsung phones from mid-range to flagship always stand out from other brands. Along with Apple, Huawei and maybe Xiaomi have the best camera technology in the market designed to help even the most amateur photographers to take amazing shots thanks to the many configurations like the Live Focus which allows you to adjust background blur and the large sensors mean you can take excellent pictures in dim lighting.

The Galaxy S21 allows you to capture video on both the front and back cameras in a simultaneously way, a feature called by the brand as Director’s View. This could help you for recording demos or doing a virtual tour.

Task routine automation

The Bixby Routines system allows phone owners to take a set-up and run approach to their everyday tasks or activities. The systems allow you to setup and customize the “Good morning” call routine to your preferred wake-up time and your favorite Spotify playlist thanks to the automation.

samsung phones features

Biometric protection

Samsung Galaxy phones have an cutting-edge technology for advanced biometric authentication options. Like Ultrasonic fingerprint ID which uses an innovative in-screen sensor to create a 3D image of your fingertip, giving a great accuracy to traditional capacitive sensors. Almost all Galaxy devices also have a facial recognition system, so you can
unlock with just a look.

Samsung Dex

DeX lets your samsung smartphone to get a full desktop experience by switching to a screen monitor or a smart TV and connecting a keyboard and a mouse.
Available on flagship phones from the S8 onwards, DeX offers you to take full advantage of the processing power of the device. You can start and resize several applications, you can use the main keyboard shortcuts and right mouse button
clicks like you would do on a PC. DeX has the capacity to ditch the laptop bag and go mobile-only for working taks or study.

samsung phones features

Samsung latest phones Specifications

See the specs of the all samsung phones and compare the best features in memory, back and front camera, processors, GPU, battery and other components: