Siri Shortcuts will be added to Neato Robotic Vacuum

Updates to Neato Roboitic Vacuum Cleaner: can work with Siri Shortcuts.

neato robotic vacuum siri shortcuts
Neato Robotic Vacuum

1. What are the new functions?

Early in the morning it was announced the update of Neato, the cleaning device, the robotic vacuum cleaner will now have the ability to use Siri Shortcuts, which means that you will have more facilities to perform your tasks in your home just by asking Siri or with just one touch on your Neato Robotic Vacuum.

2. What does the company Says?

The company says that this update is the first of its kind being the first robotic vacuum cleaner equipped with Siri Shortcuts, adding that if you use other Apple devices in your home it will optimize your quality of life in terms of cleaning, since from now on you will have the alternative to configure and customize your Neato robotic vacuum cleaner with Siri through your iPhone, Apple Watch, HomePod among other devices that work with iOS.

3. Launch date

As for the release date is yet to be confirmed but it is expected to be released in the following months, when Neato users have this update in their robotic vacuum cleaner, they can direct it with just their voice, Siri will eventually learn the User routine and can give suggestions for convenience.

We will continue to update as long as Apple reveals more details about its design, features and release date of the update.

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