Best Smart Speakers with Alexa and Google Assistant Review

With the boom of smart speakers in the market of technological devices it is difficult to decide on the one that best suits our needs (design, size, and voice assistant), that is why in this article we offer you a review of the best Smart speakers

To start you have to take into account that Smart speakers comes in different designs, sizes and prices to accommodate all types of consumers and this list offer you the best of the moment with either Amazon Alexa, Google assistant.

Second, you have to keep in mind the function you have as a priority for your Smart speaker: music, facilitate your tasks at home or connect your devices with your speaker. With these conditions we will show the best Smart speakers of 2019.


1. Sonos Beam

Includes support for Alexa and Airplay, The Sonos Beam is similar to the Sonos One except that the latest model is a compact sound bar made to connect to your TV. If you prefer music, this Smart speaker is for you, since it has the availability of connecting with other Sonos speakers wirelessly to generate a better quality and surround sound. Ideal for living rooms.

Connection with Sonos, AirPlay 2, Alexa and soon Google Home.

Price: 399 dollars

smart speaker sonos beam

2. Amazon Echo Show (2nd Gen)

This version performs better than its old version (Echo Show), since it has more functions than other speakers with Alexa, you can call and connect to the Internet with other Amazon Echo speakers and it has a 10-inch screen. You could say that your screen is your best feature, this allows you to see what song is playing, you can pause it, move on to the next music and even display the lyrics of some songs on Amazon Music. You can also play videos found on Amazon Prime and the latest news from Alexa.

Alexa connection.

Price: 230 dollars

3. Sonos one

The best in the market at the moment is the Sonos One in terms of sound quality, Smart-home utilities and stability for several rooms. It comes with Alexa by default but is compatible with Apple AirPlay 2 and soon with the Google Assistant.

Currently it has no competitor in terms of audio quality, it can be connected with around 100 audio streaming servers.

Connection with Sonos, AirPlay 2, Alexa and soon Google Home.

Price: 199 dollars

4. JBL Link View

It has an 8-inch screen and a pair of full-range drivers that puts it on another level for music, comes equipped with Google assintant to ask you any questions and inform you with the latest weather updates, has a guide of dynamic cuisine with visual and auditory directions and you can listen to the latest news from CNN.

Google Home Connection

Pricce: 250 dollars

5. Riva Concert

The best feature of the Riva Concert that I find is its availability to connect with Spotify and AirPlay. Includes hands-free Alexa speaker. You have the option to turn off your lights or inform yourself about the weather, you can do what most Echo Speakers are capable of.

It also includes the availability of connecting via Bluetooth and has a full-size USB port so that the user can play songs or any format on your cell phone, it also has a 3.5 mm auxiliary port for connection to your headphone Jack on your cell phone.

Thanks to the speakers our quality of life improves making our tasks easier even for our work or business.

Connection with Alexa, AirPLay, etc.

Price: 199 dollars

smart speaker riva concert

6. Google Home Mini

If what you are looking for in better comfort in your home with the best compatibility with your Smart-home devices, the Goole Home Mini is ideal for you, this speaker has the ability to play White noises for when the user goes to sleep, you can respond random questions (google assistant has better contextual awarenes than others) and inform you about the weather.

Google Home Connection

Price: 49 dollars

7. JBL Link 20

What stands out of the JBL Link 20 is its comfort and utility, this model is water proof and has the ability to float. It has unique qualities such as a light that indicates the Wi-Fi signal and how much battery it has left. You also have the availability to charge it while standing, something you can’t find in other Smart speakers.

Since it works with google assistant it is compatible with apps like Spotify, Pandora and Youtube Music.

Google Home Connection

Price: 200 dollars

8. Google Home Max

It stands out for its size, since it has 4.5 inch woofers, if what you are looking for is to optimize your experience with sound then Google Home Max is your best option, it has qualities that improve the quality of sound transforming your home into a party atmosphere and It has the Google Assistant.

It can be said that it is one of the most expensive among all Smart speakers, but it is worth it due to the unmatched sound efficiency.

Google Home Connection

Price: 399 dollars


smart speaker google home max

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