Top 13 camera features you need to look before buying a smartphone

New Smartphone Cameras are very sophisticated nowadays, but the difference on quality realies on aspects like aperture, sensor size, pixel size and more specs and functionalities.  What are the most important aspects Do I have to take into account when buying a new cell phone if I’m looking to optimize my photos?

best Smartphone Camera Features include the aperture and more
best Smartphone Camera Features include the aperture and more

If you are one of those who like to take pictures of your friends, landscapes or you usually share your most pleasant moments in your social networks, surely you often look for cell phones with the best cameras for a better experience.

In this article we present the most important factors to consider when purchasing a new mobile with the best camera that suits your needs.

1. Quality and type of lenses

Nowadays cell phones offer a better aperture with respect to the camera even to digital cameras, this being said because the mobile producers do not want them to be large, there is no room for a decent zoom.

We can find good options like the iPhone X which has a 2x optical zoom, or the Huawei Mate 20 Pro which includes three different cameras on its back.

We also have a range of lens options when choosing a cell phone with a good camera, among them are: Telephoto offers a 2x or 3x telephoto lens, providing a 56mm or 81mm equivalent, Wide-angle is the standard of cameras and is found in most cell phones, equivalent to 27 mm or 28; Monochrome camera is for crips, Sharp monochrome photographs, Ultra wide-angle offers a better and wider view of the scene and is equivalent to 16 mm.

2. Aperture

Having a bright aperture is an important point if you want your photographs to appear more clearly, Samsung or Apple flagships offer the best options in terms of aperture such as the Galaxy S9 Plus, it has an aperture of f / 1.5 which means which is capable of taking photos with the blurry background effect, this mobile contains one of the best cameras at the moment.

3. Screen size

Because when taking a picture, we must take our phone with both hands and use the screen as a viewfinder, it is obvious to think that the larger the screen the better our experience, we also realize that the better the resolution of the screen better we will see our photos, Apple offers us in this case the best options due to its Retina design.

These days you can also appreciate the competition of companies to create or design a phone with the smallest bezel, as well as a notch-less and chin-less design, as is the case of Vivo that launched the Nex which has a 91 percent screen-to-body ratio.

Oppo Reno 5G
New camera phone designs

4. Range of options in the camera

It is beneficial to have different features in the camera of our cell phone, for many people it is crucial to have these, that is why Apple and Samsung flagships include new and new options in each launch.

Currently the latest cell phone models offer apart from the classic point-and-click mode, a type of professional and manual mode, it is possible to configure the ISO, the tone balance, the RAW trigger and adjust the exposure compensation, in The mid-range and high-end phones of companies such as Apple and Samsung include a type of selective focus, this will give the possibility to blur the image. You will also find different types of filters to modify your images, videos to your liking.

The most important factors of a phone camera
Slow-motion feature on video camera is useful to record scenes with fast movement like sports.

5. Video quality

If you do not like to take pictures but also record videos and share it with your friends, you have to look for a Smartphone with a good video quality, 4K quality is included in the latest models and ensures a better experience when recording, flagships In recent months they offer 4K video quality at 60 frames per second, so the images are smoother compared to the 30 frames per second provided by most cell phones. Consider asking if the phone you are thinking of buying includes stabilization when taking video footage, because this feature optimizes quality.

The cheapest cell phones usually develop their video quality at 1080p or up to 720p, a decent quality for those who cannot access the latest models, and it is advisable since although the 4K quality is better it takes up a lot of space on our mobile.

6. What is RAW?

When taking a picture, the phone decides how it should look automatically, RAW is a type of file which allows you to control the taking of a picture, that is, adjust it to your liking. Once the photograph has been taken in RAW format you have the possibility to configure the white balance and exposure in an easier way in contrast to the JPEG files. Keep in mind that RAW files take up more space.

7. What is ISO Control for?

The ISO levels are used when you are in dark places such as low-light rooms, caves and similar spaces, by modifying the ISO levels it causes the camera to be more sensitive to light which will improve your photography but if you choose a very ISO level High may cause noise in your image so we recommend a mobile phone like the Galaxy S9 Plus which includes an ISO that starts at 50 and can reach up to 1250 but starts to show noise from 800.

8. What function does the HDR have?

If you activate the HDR mode when taking a picture, you will have better quality and sharpness if it is a landscape, or some outdoor space with lots of light and this function is beneficial for dynamic range images. It must be taken into account that the HDR mode is not appreciated so much in shots where there is a lot of movement since the camera is taking several photographs at the same time to combine them into one so that any movement will be reflected.

Lenovo z6 Pro Camera
Lenovo z6 Pro Camera

9. Do I need a good flash?

Because the flash does not have much range and most people are bothered by this light when taking photos, people usually turn off this function, so you need only the built-in flash that comes in most cell phones (LED flash), if those who like to take selfies look for a phone with a front LED flash.

10. Quality of focus and Shutter response

If you usually take dynamic photographs you will want a camera with a faster focus and shutter response, so it is good to know how many frames per second your camera has, the more frames you take per second the better the photographs that have movement will be.

11. How many megapixels should my camera have?

When you are buying a new cell phone, notice not only the megapixels but also the um pixels, the latest flagships from Apple and Samsung include cameras between 12 and 21 megapixels both front and back, but a camera that has 1.4um Pixels will have a better light sensor.

12. Optical stabilization quality

This function helps us to make the shot better focused and that the movements do not affect our photography, current cell phones include this feature so you shouldn’t worry if you wonder if your cell phone has this function.

13. Video features

For best results in your recordings, one of the most commonly used functions these days is video recording at a high frame rate for slow motion playback. Flagships and mid-range phones offer this feature at 960 frames per second.

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