What to consider when buying a tablet for studying?

Tablets offer a great learning experience but you might be surprised to see which tablets are best for study and which tablets are best for playing games or work.

To determine what tablets are best if you want to learn the whole language, try the following tips:

How to choose best tablets for studying
How to choose best tablets for studying

How much RAM is enough for studying?

If you are planning on using your tablet for a very long period of time, think twice about how much RAM and system resources will you need. You can consider looking into using e-learning software such as Memrise or Google Translate , and some of my books or courses can be read and used on virtually any device including the tablet as you will learn to make your own language learning and vocabulary lists that are personalized for your own needs and preferences.

What kind of storage do you need?

Before you buy, consider what kind of storage is necessary and how do you want to store the information that you want to study. You should look at how your computer and tablet will interface with each other and the type of media (document, audio, video, and photos) that you might want to store on your tablet.

If you have a tablet that has more than 4GB of memory you may consider investing in an external hard drive to have all necessary storage.

For example if you have a 16 GB tablet, you would want to ensure that you have enough RAM to transfer all your documents from the internal storage to the external drive with the most capacity, 4GB.

If you plan on using only pictures for studying, you will need to consider how much space you need. Some tablets allow you to use the same photos on different tablets but I am not sure how much you might need to store this way.

You could consider purchasing a photo storage device such as the My Cloud Photo Storage for your device and saving all photos and documents on this external storage.

Are you planning on using this for any other purpose than studying?

It is important for you to think of what is the purpose of the new tablet you are planning on buying. If you plan on using the tablet for studying for school, for example, you might want to consider keeping your notes in a simple text file for later.

You might want to store information about yourself such as your date of birth and name on this type of storage. Alternatively, if you will be using your tablet primarily for gaming and watching video content, you may want to consider storing that information somewhere on your device.

Do you already have information on your device about your personal information stored on the device?

Yes. It is very important that if you plan on keeping notes in other kinds of storage on your device such as memory cards or cloud storage, that you consider keeping the information that you want to retain on your tablet or mobile device with you. I can say with 100% certainty that you will lose everything in a few months if you do not have a method (and backup) for retaining important information.

How to setup your tablet for Effective Study and Listening Activities

The first task you will need to begin is selecting a method for learning and creating a custom learning and listening app for the tablet. Once you have chosen what method you will be using for your learning activities, you need to develop that particular learning style that you want to use. I will try to give you some suggestions as to how you may go about developing your new tablet.

Study Your Vocab- Locate Words/Phrases

The first method of learning is to locate words and phrases that you want to memorize. You need to select the words and phrases that you want to study. If you have a long list of things that you want to learn, you should think about brainstorming what you would like to study and then creating a list of what you would like to learn. If you don’t have a ton of things you want to learn, try to focus on just what you think you would want to learn and the words and phrases that would match your learning style.

This method can work just as well for people that have learned the language for less than 5 years. If you don’t have any vocabulary that you want to try out, you can always download a dictionary application or take a quick online quiz to get some words or phrases in your vocabulary that you will want to try.

If you are using memrise you can go to Study Mode and quickly access words and phrases that you want to study. If you need words to do a specific activity like studying foreign vocabulary or studying different languages, you will need to create a vocabulary list.

Some of the best tablets for studying:

Amazon Fire 7: Very cheap, many functionalities and includes amazon services.
Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite: It has a robust design and includes an S Pen.
Huawei Mediapad T3 8-inch: A very affordable device with good specs and 8 inch screen.
Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0-inch: Reliable functionality with a cheap price.
iPad Mini: Works with ios apps, apple store and includes a digital pencil.
Amazon Fire HD 8 Plus: Quad core processor with a battery up to 12 hours.


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