Trump has now owned the @POTUS account

Donald Trump just owned the famous @POTUS twitter account, minutes after the new president speech this afternoon.

Pres. Barack Obama had been tweeting from the @POTUS account for the final eight years, but as of Friday afternoon Trump has moved in to the social press feed. The name went from “President Obama” to “President Trump” moments after Trump required the oath of workplace

The new explanation tests “45th President of the United States. Working on behalf of the American people to make our country great again. Tweets may be archived”

No one has tweeted yet from the new account, but all eyes are on the timeline for the first flurry from the new leader. The @POTUS follower count will transfer from Obama to Trump, but will take time to build up as the page transitions.

It appears like Trump is reluctant to give up his prized personal handle β€” @realDonaldTrump. Which makes really feel he has a lot of memories on there from his pre-leader days. There was discussion that he would maintain writing on that account instead of the recognized leaderial account. As Trump was providing his inaugural address his @realDonaldTrump account had yet to be updated and still known as him “leader-elect.” It altered minutes later β€” with new tweets flowing out, of course.

One of the first content articles to Trump’s new Twitter account came from the White House.

It’s recognized. Our 45th leader has taken the oath of workplace & we couldn’t be more excited! Congratulations to @POTUS Trump #Inauguration

β€” The White House (@WhiteHouse) January 20, 2017

Friday was also a big day for other recognized Twitter accounts. Melania Trump required over @FLOTUS, while Mike Pence will now be tweeting from @VP. For the following Melania this is a big move. Her personal account hasn’t been used since Election Day. This is her chance to step up her social press game, or at least attempt to participate online.

As for the Palm Springs-bound Obamas, they will now be relegated to their own personal Twitter accounts and other accounts made for former leaders. Twitter in an postal mail announced the recognized account transitions. Right here are the new accounts for anyone trying to maintain up with the Obamas or to relive the Obama years.