Virtual reality is coming to Nintendo as Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch console comes out in March? Then we’ll finally know if it will support VR. But until that moment, eager players are looking up for hints.

Evidence has arrived that helps speculation that VR will be part of the system. In an online video gaming forum on Wednesday, someone printed fine detail from a Nintendo U.S. patent filing from June, the website UploadVR reported

From the patent, it appears like a head-mounted display (HMD) accessory will let customers slip in a smartphone for what would presumably be a VR experience. Contained in the 147 pages of images there’s one that films what this headset might look like.

The patent explanation says the headset is “an example accessory to which the main unit can be attached.”

Nowhere in the filing does it particularly mention VR (or augmented reality), but the way it’s explained appears awfully similar to Samsung’s Gear VR or even Google Cardboard.

Mashable accomplished out to Nintendo, but the organization didn’t very first comment about any VR functions or other fine detail about the Switch console. It later responded Friday with, “We have no comment regarding this patent matter.”

For now, we’ll have to be duplicate with these crude diagrams and limited fine detail about its design.

What we do know: The Switch will have a gamepad-looking screen with controllers that break off, and the screen can be slipped into a interface to make it a home console.