Watch LG G6 amazing official videos and features

The LG G6 is the most amazing smartphone so far at the Mobile World Congress 2017: it has characteristics of futuristic FullVision display that support HDR and Dolby color, the new Google Assistant supported, enhanced camera and much more.

FullVision display and all cool new LG G6 features

While we will discover the phone in more fine detail over the coming months, you can already see the recognized LG G6 promo films fine detailing all of its important specs and new amenities.You can also check out the LG G6 design in these films: it’s a complete reset for the G series and the short flicks really display it in its best light. .

LG G6 Nougat

LG has somehow managed to cram this display into a phone that is actually smaller than the 5.3-inch LG G5, and the new screen has opened up new possibilities for interaction. In fact, there are so many modifications in the LG G6 interface that the organization has even introduced a new name for this new programs look. It tests on top of Android 7.1 Nougat and assists you to do more: see bigger previews of your images in the camera app, see more appointments in the calendar, better manage your postal mail see a more informative and richer emotions forecast, and so on.

LG G6 Expensive

A lot of the exhilaration about the LG G6 is about the new display. The 5.7″ IPS LCD Quad HD screen is tall and narrow, with a new fine detail ratio of 2:1. Most films will not fit perfectly with their 16:9 ratio, but this extra screen room also opens up other possibilities and LG has produced its new interface about it. Gone is that wasted room for the bezel: the display by itself takes up nearly 80% of the screen front, a large improvement over current phones that take up about 70% of the front or less. The screen is not curved for a reason, as LG believes that curved screen are more tiresome to handle and prone to shattering easier. In fact, the flat screen and less rounded edges provide additional structural strength to the G6 and ensure the screen is less likely to split if you drop the phone.

LG G6 Cameras

The LG G6 amenities two cameras on its back (now flush with the back), but instead of a telephoto lens like on the iPhone, the secondary one is a wide-angle one that gives you a field of view similar to that of a GoPro. This opens up a ton of possibilities: spectacular panoramic images with a single shot, photographing in small rooms and creative films with a fish-eye-like look. In fact, the wider lens views a item more than the individual eye: it has a 125-degree viewing angle, while the individual eye views about 120 degrees.

LG G6 Hardware

The Snapdragon 835 might be the current and most powerful system chip available, but it is in very restricted supply and rather than fight an uphill last-minute battle to get it, LG has established to optimize the just a little older Snapdragon 821. This is the same chip used on phones like the Google Pixel, which is the most fluid operating Android phone that we have ever noticed so we have higher hopes for the LG G6 as well. LG has also altered the region of the chip towards the service of the phone and fine tuned the cooling pipes, so that the phone does not get too hot when you generate it to its limits.

LG G6 Battery

The G6 amenities a 3,300 mAh battery that is not removable. It helps the current Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 common as well, information that it takes just about an hour and a half to get fully recharged, and you can get a zero-to-50% charge in just half an hour.

LG G6 Memory and Audio

The LG G6 has some special amenities, but… you are not getting them in the United States. In some markets like Asia, LG equips the G6 with Quad DACs (digital-to-analog converters), a move that makes crisper, higherer-quality sound possible, but the U.S. model is not getting that feature. Yet still, other markets will get a 64GB model of the LG G6 as the default, but the U.S. model is shipping with 32GB of on-board storage. Luckily, you do get a microSD card interface so you can plug in your card and easily get more storage in case you need it.